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Ivan FeherIvan Feher 

Salesforce.com, Google, and Website Integration

We are both Salesforce.com and Google certified. Let us develop your next integrated campaign connecting Salesforce, Google and your website for optimum results.

1)     Process- we are business process people and will identify and discover keywords that are often neglected by your competition. What this means is that we leverage keywords that cost less thereby maximizing your budget and reducing your average cost per click (CPC).

2)     Relevance- Our campaigns will have relevance among:

a)     Keywords- this is what buyers are searching- pink shoes with black dots in a size 8

b)     Ads- the ads that are displayed must have relevance to the searched keywords. If I am searching for pink shoes with black dots in a size 8 the ad should align and contain that information.

c)     Landing Pages- this is an emerging technology and practice. The page that is displayed when someone clicks on a Google ad should also contain relevant information to the search. This is also known as dynamic data. The landing page would say- You have searched and found: pink shoes with black dots in a size 8

Example: http://www.customerforlife.com/landingpages/landingpage.php?_kk={keyword}&_kt=fd7caaa2-0e35-4083-8a7c-6edecec7f762

This is the due diligence needed to maximize campaign efficiency. When all of these criteria are met your conversion rates increase dramatically.   

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