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Silently Installing the Apex Data Loader

I am working with my IT department to get the Apex Data Loader packaged so that it can be installed silently on (pushed out to) a user's computer. They are having issues getting this to work and asked me to post the question here:

"While trying to create a silent install for Apex Data Loader 28.0 and deploy it via SCCM 2007, we are having issues. I would like to know if there are any silent install parameters that can be used with the .exe. Can Data Loader 28.0 be deployed silently?"


Please let me know. This is all the info I have at this time.




Hello Cindy,

Try to silent install Apex datalaoder as follows:

First – generate the properties file (which is the response file) – you will have to walk through the GUI installation steps for this:

ApexDataLoader.exe /v”/Lp properties.log”

Note that there is no space between v”/Lp

This will generate a properties.log file in the location of the ApexDataLoader executable.

Now you can uninstall the data loader, and execute the following command:

ApexDataLoader.exe /s /v/qn

Again – notice that there is no space between /v/qn

This should silently install the data loader.



Could you please reply to the post the below content:

"Thank you for providing with the silent install instructions. But unfortunately, properties.log file is not being created. I tried different ways to create a response file but was unsuccessful. I am not able to use /s /v/qn options as well for silent install. I tried creating the response file on both XP and Win7 machine and was unsuccessful. May I please get more detailed instructions about the silent install."


Krishna Kilaru
Distributed Systems Engineering
Software Packaging - Riverwoods



Hello Krishna,


These are the only instructions, please check if you are missing any space or adding extra space. Once verify following system requirements as well:


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Windows XP
  • 120 MB free disk space
  • 256 MB available memory
  • Java JRE 1.6 or later (Windows 7 or Windows XP)
  • Sun JVM 1.6 or later (Windows 7 or Windows XP)
  • Administrator privileges on the machine

You said "I am not able to use /s /v/qn options as well for silent install.", are you getting any error?

Hi Vinita,

I am Krishna from Packaging team of Discover Financial Services. I am
working with Cynthia Sharp to get the Apex Data Loader 28.0.2 packaged for
silent install.

Thank you for your quick responses and suggestions.

In your last response, you suggested to verify the system requirements. I
verified all the system requirements and everything looks good to me. I
also have administrator rights to install.

You suggested me to use /v"Lp properties.log" to create a response file.
But the properties.log file is not being created. Also, when I just used
/s /v/qn options to the executable it does not throw me any error instead
it brings with the installation screens which what we are trying to avoid.

I would really appreciate if you can provide any other information to get
this complete.

Thank you are for your help once again!


Krishna Kilaru
Distributed Systems Engineering
Software Packaging - Riverwoods

Please consider the environment before printing this email.
The technique described above may have worked at one time but no longer applies to more recent versions.

The following was been tested on versions 26.0 and 35.0. In researching the solution I found this ( page extremely helpful.

To silently install Data Loader use (note that /S must be in uppercase):
ApexDataLoader.exe /S
To silently install Data Loader to a folder other than the default use (again, /D must be in uppercase):
ApexDataLoader.exe /S /D=<dir>
Note that <dir> should not be contained in quotes, even if the folder path contains spaces. For example, to install on another drive while preserving the same folder structure you would use:
ApexDataLoader.exe /S /D=D:\Program Files (x86)\\Data Loader
Svetlana GolovinSvetlana Golovin
Hello Developer Comunity, I have a Data loader 

Azul Zulu JDK" is installed silently with the msi file. I have a Data loader v56.0.0 Summer Version for Microsoft, 64 bit,
Do you have a command for silent installation for the data loader? Is it the same 

DataLoader.exe /S
or a different one? How can I install data loader silently? 

I recently looked at silently installing Data Loader v54.0 (also on a Windows machine). I don't think an installer is provided any more. I just extracted the content of the ZIP archive to a local folder.