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Max Gilbert @ ftrMax Gilbert @ ftr 

Users in All Internal Users Group

Does anyone know how to generate a list of users in the All Internal Users Publc Group.  I haven't been able to find the object that has users groups.




Public Groups it's similar to queue.


To create group just follow this steps,


1.For personal groups, go to your personal settings and click My Personal Information or Personal—whichever one appears. Then click My Groups. 

2. For public groups, from Setup, click Manage Users | Public Groups.


For more info about groups,





To retrieve list of groups and group members just use this soql query,

Id, Name,
(SELECT Id, UserOrGroupId FROM GroupMembers)
FROM Group


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Max Gilbert @ ftrMax Gilbert @ ftr

I am not trying to create a group. 


My original question was how to get a list of the members in the All Internal Users group?


All Internal Users is obviously a group suppled by salesforce since that group does not appear in a list of all public groups.