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Help running DDP in Flow

Hi All,


I think this is an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately I do not.


Here is the situation...


I've created a Visual Flow (at least that's what I think its called) with some basic decisions and input screens to collect information.  The flow is triggered by a button on the "Quote" screen.  At the end of the flow I would like to automatically run a DDP I previously created.  I want the DDP to include values from the quote and from values collected in the flow. I would also like to be able to control the delivery option.


I tried using the "Run DDP" element in the visual flow editor but I can't seem to get it to work.




Thanks in advance!




Hello Josh,


Please refer this link: http://support.drawloop.com/lds/getting-started/create-new-ddps/


If it doesn't help, i would suggest you to reach out to Drawloop support. Support details are provided in the above link.

I am also facing the same issue while using the DDP comonent in Visual flow.
I am using Run DDP component in Visual flow. I have created DDp record and passing the Object Id and DDP record Id in the component but ddp report is not getting generated automatically, neither it is attaching to the respective Case record nor email alert is being sent with the attachment. Can you provide some necessary document related to Using DDP Component in Visual flow.

Please provide any document if anyone is having related to using DDP component in Visual flow.

Thanks in advance!!
We can try for another option to make Run DDP through flow automatically. We can update a field throught flow and on update of the same can fire a workflow having an outboud message for automatically running the DDp on particular object. The same I did in one of my requirement and its working as expected. Check the link for the same http://support.drawloop.com/lds/getting-started/additional-deployments/automated-ddps