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Need a developer to help write an Apex Trigger

I need a developer for a small project.  My need is an Apex Trigger and Class for a lookup field update on a custom object.


I will send you the specs for the job.  Please have references ready.

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I just replied to you on your emailID, please let me know if you are interested in pursing this further. You can also reach me on sumprit76@gmail.com



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Hi Sarah,


We will be happy to assist you on this project. We are Salesforce partners with over 3 years of experience and over 200 Salesforce.com projects written under our name worldwide. We have worked with companies from multiple verticals and sizes. Our main area of experitse is development on the platform: apex coding, triggers, s-controls, visualforce and appication development.

I would be interested in taking a further look at the specs,

please contact me at oritshilo@blat-lapidot.com.

Orit Shilo,

B&L Business Applications


Thank you for your responses.  I have found a dveloper to work with.