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Ensemble: Deploying Critical Business Processes on Force.com

The team at Ensemble has a proven methodology for deploying critical business processes that run natively on Force.com, or that run in conjunction with integrated storage andapplications.


For businesses that use Salesforce/Force.com to run theirbusiness processes, this allows them to realize immediate and long-term returnon investment through:


-- streamlining and automation of typical butcritical processes

--  creation of a single database-of-record forcorporate data

--   inclusion of business units beyond sales andservices in the Force.com environment


Exemplary CBPs that we have successfully deployed: industry-specific Opportunity Management with revenue scheduling, Contract Management, Invoicing from Force.com, and more. 


Our skilled and hard-working consultants, project managersand developers are at your disposal for onsite or remote projects.


We have several engagement models, depending on your needs,utilization, and available in-house expertise.  


Additionally, our lower cost Ensemble Developers offering provides value for system admins, business analysts, and architects who can manage projects and design implementations, but need primary or backup resources to develop the implementation.


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