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seeking SF developer to build a lead bridge from salesfroce to FreeCRM

We use salesforce and are pleased with it. However, we are bringing on sales people who use freecrm and I wish to build an automated system to automatically populate freecrm with the lead data we collect in salesforce so we can use both systems at the same time. We take advantage of the salesforce web to lead forms as well as google adwords integration. Please let me know your solution to this and how much you would charge.



David GreenbergDavid Greenberg



Would you be able to provide some contact info?  I'd be happy to discuss your requirements to see what we can propose for you.




David Greenberg




We at Mansa Systems have done several integration projects like yours. We could deliver this project on time, on budget with our global delivery team. 


Please learn more about our salesforce services at and services at


Please contact me for further details at or call me at 510-725-4585





My solution would be to migrate the data and provide training to your FreeCRM users.  $1000/day + expenses for training, data migration depends on the complexity.



Yes, this is a bit of a smart-ass response, but I'm semi-serious.  In the long run do you really want to be supporting two CRM systems and try to keep them both running?  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, poor reporting, comfused responsibilities, etc.






We'd love to help you integrate Salesforece and Free CRM.  We've been working with SFDC for many years and have done multiple integrations for clients across the US and feel your project is right in line with what we do.


Please call or email me, I would like to discuss your project in greater detail.


I look forward to talking with you soon.






Thanks Dan for your email. I tried to respond back to your email at but it bounced back so I am responding back here. I would appreciate if you can provide alternate email address.

Following are my questions.
  • Do you expect to synchronize leads ONLY one way from salesforce -> freecrm?
  • Do you need synchronization only upon lead creation but NOT on updates and deletes in Salesforce?
  • What all information do you want to populate from Salesforce Lead fields? Can you provide all necessary field information.
  • Shall we assume that once leads are crated in freecrm your assignment rules setup will kick in to assign the leads to the right sales person?
Please clarify all the above questions along with the following generic questions.
  • Also what is your company name? 
  • Where are you based at?
  • What is your Salesforce version?
  • How many salesforce licenses do you have?
  • What is your freecrm version?
Mansa Systems 

I'm a freelance consultant and I have done a very similar project in the past for a client who has a Lead generation product of its own. Its a bi-directional integration between and the Lead generation system. The module I built is part of their product now and it allows their customers (who are also customers of configure and integrate leads, contacts and accounts between and the Lead generation sytem. The module is so configurable that the end customers can specify what fields to integrate, and direction (sf -> lead gen, lead gen -> sf, or both ways) for each field, all on-demand.


From what I understand from your description, it could be a 1-2 weeks project depending on what kind of interface the freecrm offers. I'll be happy to discuss further. If interested, pls contact me at


CRM Advantage can help you with this requirement. We are a certified consulting company. The best approach is to schedule a meeting, talk through your business processes, and work through a solution that will stay within your budget. The meeting to discuss requirements will cost you nothing. There may be a different aproach that our highly experienced team of consultants and developers can identify.


Please contact me at: