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Joe GaskaJoe Gaska 

Certified SalesForce Resources : Developers And Administrators Available


We are a premier development team who specialize in SalesForce.com customization, integration, administration, and maintenance.  Our certified team of Force.com experts will bring you from discovery to delivery effectively and efficiently.  Contact us now for a free consultation and review. 


* Customization, Configuration, Reporting, Custom Objects

* Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Support Automation.

* VisualForce, Integration, S-Controls, Triggers, AJAX 


* Certified SalesForce Developers

* Certified SalesForce Administrators


Please let me know a convenient time we can discuss your needs in more detail and how we guarantee both success and increased adoption. 


Joe Gaska


(617) 504-7301

Ionia Corporation

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Message Edited by Joe Gaska on 03-03-2009 12:12 PM
what are you rates for visualforce/apex development?