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Need a developer

How much would it cost to hire a developer to create a comprehensive database in Salesforce for the tracking of prespective applicants and current/former program participants?


Another feature which would be helpful is synching Salesforce with our online application. At present, prospective applicants must access our website, fill out and print the application, hand deliver or mail the application. What we would like to do is have the application linked to Salesforce through our website. Prospective applicants can then fill out and submit online and the application automatically loads into Salesforce under the table "Perspective Applicant."


We would also like to be able to close a case once an applicant leaves, but still be able to track the applicant, under the closed case, for follow up purposes. 


We have uploaded a app from Saleforce, but it isnt exactly what we need. 




I just read your post regarding a custom database in SFDC and your other modifications; we can definitely help you out.  I've got a rough cost to do this for you, please call or email me and we can discuss.


I look forward to talking with you soon.





Actually, we are trying to find out the cost in order to write the grant proposal for funding.

No problem, just give me a call and we can chat.  We're available right now.






We can help you with the best quote for your salesforce project.


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Mansa Systems





Just saw your post and wanted to let you know I can help you out as well.  Not sure if you already found someone, or need a second opinion.  Give me a call and we can chat more about it.  Thanks!


Alan Marcus






Please feel free to leave information, as I want to have a comprehensive quote. One which is as accurate as possible.


We can meet your requirements. Please visit our website at www.successobjects.com. This will give you an idea of some products we have developed. We have 6+ years of expertise around Salesforce.com.  We have a solid methodology to develop and deliver exceptional quality at a competitve price. Please email me your contact information, and we can go over your requirements and present a professional proposal to use for your funding.





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 Right now we are working on multiple salesforce project , out team shall provide u with the right kinda quote (the best), i believe.




cheers smruti

Estuate Inc.

This is a very simple application. I can do it for you. Just give the requirement to me. I can go with the quote you specify.
We are not too sure of an appropriate quote. I have been personally emailing representatives to give a bit more detail about the project.
if you could provide the basic specificfications to me. i will go through them and could provide you a time estimate. if possible i can start working on it.
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