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PHP API - Unable to find created lead via "Search for Keywords"

Greetings; using the PHP API, I created a lead in my SalesForce developer's account. The lead was created successfully, and all of the information appears to be present. However, when I log into SalesForce and attempt to search for the lead using the various search boxes scattered about, the lead is not found.

For example, I create a lead with the name "Luis Test". I log into SalesForce and search on "test"; the various accounts I have created with the word "test" in the name show up, but the lead does not show up. If I browse all open leads, I can find and view it.

Is there some field I am not setting in my create API call? Or is there some administrative setting that I am overlooking that is preventing the lead from being indexed for searches?

** Edit: I'm thinking of chalking this up to flaky behavior on the developement server. I created numerous leads with sporadic results; some would show up immediately in the search results, some would show up after a few minutes, and some would not show up at all. Came back into work this morning, logged in, and found that all of the leads I created yesterday were showing up in the search results.

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