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Contracts and Approvals

I'm trying to develop a tool that uses salesforce's contracts. However what I need to do is have this tool automatically approve contracts. I've tried by setting only the status field to be an in approval process status but I keep getting an "invalid status" message when trying to update the contract.

Can anybody shed some light on how to accomplish this? I looked into the approval object as well but it doesn't seem to have a pointer to the contract and I'm trying to avoid sending unneeded email messages out to users that don't need them.

Hi monkey,

To activate a contract you need to create an approval with a status of Approved and the ParentId = to the contract Id.  Once this is create, you can then update the contract to have a status of "Activated" which will activate the contract.

Hey Monkey - did you ever create this tool? Looking for something like this to use here.

Unfortunately I never got around to building this tool. We came up with a method where by we used the approval process instead of trying to bypass it.