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How to remove field reference from flow.

Hi All,


When I'm trying to delete certain fields on my production system I'm getting "Unable to Complete the Requested Change" page. The reason is displaying as "This custom field is referenced elsewhere in salesforce.com." ; in section it is displaying 'Flow'.


How to remove the field reference from the flow, as when I'm going to edit it is only allowing me to edit the flow name and description. However after deactivating the flow I'm getting the same notification.


Any help to overcome will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.


You have to upload a new flow to replace the current one without that field enabled. You can't outright delete the flow (that I've seen), nor can you edit it directly. Use the Flow Editor to modify the flow.


Hi sfdcfox,


Thanks for your reply.


After removing the references in the newly uploaded flow I'm still getting the same notification.

The previous flows which are inactive are not deleted from system.

Do I need to delete my inactive flows to overcome my problem?


Thanks in Advance.


You need to wait for 12 hours after you make flow inactive so you can delete the flow. Once the flow version is deleted, you can remove the field reference completely.

Jeff BergerJeff Berger
In case anyone is still out there--is this 12 hour rule still in effect? I can't find any documentation anywhere else that suggests I can make edits to fields without following the steps outlined above. Obviously not the most convenient when I need to make a quick field update! Thanks in advance for getting back to me.
It's still in effect:
"You can’t delete an active flow. Once deactivated, you must wait 12 hours to delete the flow or flow version. This ensures that flow interviews in progress have time to complete. You must also delete any waiting interviews for the flow or flow version. Flows that have never been activated can be deleted immediately."

Source: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=vpm_admin_delete.htm&language=en_US
Chai NandulaChai Nandula
1. After 2015 no need to wait 12 hours to delete a Flow after deactivating it.
2. If you are in lightning and unable to delete Flow or Versions, simply switch to Classic and you will be able to delete the Flow.