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praveen venkatapraveen venkata 

Is it possible to send a mail to that user when he dont create new opportunity for 10 days

Email Reminder after 10 days if the Opportunity owner does not create a new opportunity


Can we achieve it either by Workflow or Trigger?

If possible please give me sujestions?




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There are several possible means of accomplishing this. Here is one possible approach:


1. Create a custom field called "Last Opportunity Date" on the user.

2. Create a trigger on Opportunity that updates this field.


trigger UpdateLastOppDateField on Opportunity (after insert) {
    User u = new User(Id=UserInfo.getUserId(), Last_Opp_Date__c=Date.Today());
    update u;

3. Create a workflow rule with a time-based action that triggers on Last_Opp_Date__c is not null, with a time action of 10 days after Last_Opp_Date__c that sends the email.


Workflow Rule Name: notifyUserNoOppsRecently

Criteria: Last Opp Date not equal to <no value>

Time Action: 10 Days after Last Opp Date - Send Email


Because it is possible to write flow rule over user object so what we can do is: 

1. We will create a field on Opportunity "LastOpptyCreatedDate" ( date time type).

2. Write a trigger on Opportunity which will update User's one field "LastOpptyCreatedDate" on record creation.

3. Now we will write time based Workflow for each 10 days ( with evalutng criteria Today() - LastOpptyCreatedDate= 10)