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Wanted on-site in San Francisco (1d/w) admin & part-time developer

I have a need for a few things:



  1. be on-site at my company one day a week (RussianHill in SF) to do training, review & updates.
  2. do some regularly-occurring admin tasks likelead lists checking, deduping and importing based on our criteria (or to createa better way to do it).
  3. help strategize on how to de-dupe our databasewhile retaining the intent and content of the original data
  4. help deliver some sophisticated, conditional reportingthat helps our sales team and organization make better use of SFDC.
  5. Provide on-going support probably of a part-time nature as we develop the relationship going forward.
I am looking for someone with very good communication skills, both written and verbal, someone with experience working within an organization and helping all levels of users, and someone who can creatively solve some challenging problems.







Point #1 is non-negotiable, for therecord.  I need someone to provide someface-time here.  If you can do thesethings, please provide me with applicable hourly rates.  If you cannot be on-site, please consider not replying.


I live right down the street and have an admin certificate from Salesforce, and even taught their classes while I was an employee at Salesforce. I'd like to see if there is an opportunity to work together. Could you provide an email address I can send my company info and rates?

Best regards,

Private message sent.
David GreenbergDavid Greenberg

I am located here in San Francisco, and would be happy to discuss helping you with this project.


Please reach out to me per your interest.




David Greenberg


510-685-8788 or david@ensemble.us.com