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What is the Going Rate for a Developer?

What is current market rate for Developer who is a Visualforce/Apex Expert?



Hi Kugamon,


We are specialists in Saleforce / VisualForce development and we usually charge a rate based on a fixed cost of the project with defined deliverables and timelines. 


I would be happy to have a discussion about the project you are looking to do and help give you an idea of what kind of costs you should expect to be paying. 




Kind Regards

Matthew Roberts
Client Relationship Manager

PrimaLink - Consulting.Integration.Development

DD:0845 111 0347
M:  07834234873


I'm also interested in Kugamon's question. Can someone share a common hourly rate for an employee and/or contractor Force based SaaS Developer and Force based SaaS QA? In terms of a full project, hypothetically, we are looking at a 4 month project that requires 2 developers and 1 QA, full time. The project to be done using Agile method of SDLC.  Commuting is preferred but will consider Remote Telecommuting. Developers and QA will need to develop and test an app from scratch and bring it to the AppExchange in terms of functionality. Can someone tell me what would be the ~ $ range I’m to pay for such project?   

Thanks in advance!




I can help you implement things in


I can implement the things at the following rate:


1) Normal Customization in & Workflow rules): USD $10/hr

2) Apex Triggers : USD $15/hr

3) Visualforce & Controllers : USD $20/hr 



Anup Arya



Dear Anup,


I greatly appreciate your response. I will save you contact info for future reference and, should the need be, email to your gmail account.


Kind regards,



I see this job board as an exchange of buyers and sellers. The buyers are ISVs or SFDC customers, and the sellers are Consulting Partners and Developers.


To me as an ISV, if I know pricing up front, I can best plan. Doing the dance on me telling the what I want and comparing prices one developer at a time just lengthens the time I get to market. I value developers who are upfront with prices and candid with capabilities.


For consulting partners and developers, I see this as a way to understand the market realities of pricing. I've seen some developers quote ridiculously high prices not knowing they are out of the market range.  In this economy, it would be wise to know what buyers are paying. Any idle work hours you have is a waste of money.


So what's the going rate for:


- VF Experts

- General Developer

- Certified Developer

- Unit Tester

- Integration Specialist



So, why not start it off by telling us what you make? Or what you charge?


Actually, if you wanted to lowest price product, you would not be using And, while publishes its list prices, everything is negotiable.


So in consulting, everything is negotiable.


Finally, for consulting, as in everything, what I want to charge is irrelevant. Unless someone pays me, and perceives that they get good value for what they paid, there is no deal.


The problem with asking for a rate is that different developers work at different speeds. While one takes a month another may take a week. So I could give you an hourly rate and it may scare you away, but in truth you will likely save money and have the product faster.


So, I work off of bids. You will know up front the cost, and I am not an agenency so you wont be paying 6 peoples salaries and infrastructure costs as well.


And, aside from what David and Mike have said there is another consideration...   Yes, one guy who charges $100/hr may be able to get the work done five times as fast as the $20/hr guy. 


But even more importantly, the experienced guy may get the *right* work done. 


Just how useless is it to have a guy working his tail off at $20/hr doing work that the $100/hr guy looks at and says, you don't need to do that, or it should really be done this way, etc.


An experienced consultant does what you need.  An inexperienced one does what you tell them to do.  Sometimes that's fine, but sometimes it's a curse.





Ok, so a little update for all of us who is interested in hiring developers and QA for a Force based project. I got the following response:


Dev – from $17 to $20, depends on seniority level

QA - from $8 to $10, depends on seniority level

This quote is per hour. The quote per project will easily go down through negotiations.



Dev – around ~ $15 per hour, negotiable, but quote is preferable per hour rather than per project.

QA – did not find QAs, Devs are willing to do QA with no extra charge.



Dev – from $10 to $20, depends on seniority level

QA – did not find QAs

This quote is per hour. The quote per project will easily go down through negotiations.




?????????????????????? still a mystery :) and we are wondering why our jobs are being outsoared… :smileymad:


I wish you could see how much money people spend on me to fix stuff like what you are quoting. 


Besides the fact that the "hourly" rate means absolultely nothing, because frankly you probably have no idea how many hours something should take, and trust me they know that too. Keep in mind the cost of your time trying to manage a project like that, and all the misscommunications that will occur(sometimes purposely because they can bill more hours). Thats why you arent seeing many developers (atleast quality ones) complaining about outsourcing.


I have never been botherd by outsourcing, its a great way for me to get additonal business and lock in a client when I look like a rockstar for doing something correctly.  


So by all means go for it. Because when they screw it up, it will cost more to undo the mistake and do it right, than it would have to just have had it done right the first time.


As with everything you get what you pay for. 


So heres the challenge pay them to do a project for their "hourly" rate (watch how much gets tacked on) then get a bid from me to do a similar project if it doesn't match it or come in at less I will be shocked.  


I have had countless people ask how I can compete, well I am faster because english is my native language, I have code libraries, so I can leverage previous project and I build it right, so its easy for me to tweak when somethings slightly different than what you expected.  


It amazes me that anyone would accept an hourly rate for something like this. Take the bid everytime because hours means very little in this business its just a good reason for developers to push back the due date.