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Fulltime Telecommute Salesforce Developers

We’re looking for an advanced salesforce developer to take over the development and management of our salesforce environment. We've integrated exact target with a (free) membership website including fairly sophisticated user tracking. We have a very competent web team which handle the website side; we need someone who can handle everything up to the salesforce API side of things.

What else can you handle …
- Thinking outside the box?
- Meeting deadlines?
- Problem solving and trouble-shooting?
- Efficient development with minimal direction?
- Working remotely from home?

If you answered yes to ALL of those questions, please read on. If not, thanks for your time.

You should be willing to work on challenging requests that will push the envelope. We will guide you through your project tasks, but expect you to be an independent and self-motivated worker. All problems have solutions when assessed by the proper, resourceful developer.

- This is a high profile installation and if you do a good job, you can gain referrals to many other clients
- Working with our team will gain you the experience you need to better serve future clients, as you improve your skills

We're looking for someone who:
- Previous experience with or certification in a modern, object-oriented programming language such as Java or C#
- Basic HTML and/or XML skills
- Familiarity with Eclipse and application lifecycle management
- Knowledge of Force.com standard objects
- Knows exact target and how it integrates with salesforce



- Understanding of data modeling and user interface development principles
- Development experience using Force.com Apex Code
- US/Canada/Western Europe/Australia based ONLY
- Stays up to date with the salesforce development environment changes

If you don't fit all of these, but do fit most of them, drop me a line.

We'll need about 40+ hours worth of changes and updates, more hours when the situation calls for it.


If you're interested, please respond with answers to these questions in your email:

Ivan FeherIvan Feher

Please provide a contact method. Thank you.


Ivan Feher




Please drop an email to discuss. We can help you.




ForceBrain.com has a solid bench of all-star, affordable team of Force.com developers based in US. We offer the most experience, at the best rate... and we currently have bandwidth to take on a project. Send us your contract details to discuss or email experts@ForceBrain.com.


I am a certified salesforce.com developer with 5 years of experience in Application development (using Apex, Trigger, Visualforce) and systems integration with Salesforce.com using Java, Apex, and SOAP web services.


Please contact me at vignette75@gmail.com, if you need resource.




I have been a full-time remote contractor with Salesforce for almost 6 years and I possess almost all the requirements and skills you require. My most recent project just finished and I am looking to take on some new projects.


I would be happy to forward my resume at your convenience.


Best regards,

Ken Newman