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Need Visualforce & Apex Developer

We are developing a custom force.com application for mental health application. We have contract work available for some basic Visualforce development.


Key skills sought:


*Quick turnaround

*Flexible work schedule

*Willing develop relationship


Please email: brac@drselph.com

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Hi Brac,


ForceBrain.com has done an extensive amount of successful Force.com development projects, involving integration, visual force, apex, custom development, Salesforce administration, among others. Our resources on staff have an availability to take on another project.


We're surprisingly affordable!


Please feel to email me at experts@ForceBrain.com to further discuss your requirements.



Best Regards,


Sean Considine


(650) 482-5212



With over 100 Salesforce deployment and over 20 Force.com development projects successfully implemented, ForceBrain.com is the leading low-cost Salesforce.com and Force.com consulting partner. We have the right people, the most experience, and the best methodologies to cost-effectively and efficiently deliver customized solutions, suited for your business needs in the platform.

Our clientele covers a wide range of industries, from small to international enterprise conglomerates, which includes Kaplan, DellUniversity of San FranciscoFluxion BiosciencesAvidiRise, Nike, among others.




Greetings from LogicRain Technologies !!!!  


If you are looking for best quality work on Salesforce then we are available for you. We are working for Salesforce.com & Force.com customizations or development services. If you have any upcoming or maintenance projects that would require a Salesforce experts or developers then just send an email on salesforce@logicrain.com.


We have well trained Salesforce experts available to compete any deadlines with the best quality development in affordable rates. 


Our skills are not limited to, 

  *  Force.com sites development

  *  Salesforce Portal Development

  *  Web/Win service development/Utility Development for synchronization of data between Salesforce and any other application.

  *  Customize and personalize Salesforce.com to fit environment's specific needs.

  *  Create new user accounts and configure Salesforce.com to fit security needs at the user and organization levels.

  *  Creation & implementation of Custom Objects, Custom Apps, Page Layouts, Related Lists, Tabs

  *  Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules, Outbound/Inbound Messages, All types of Email Templates

  *  Lead, Account, Opportunity Managements

  *  Lead Conversion process, email-to-case, web-to-lead implementations

  *  Generate different kind of reports & dashboards

  *  Development using Visualforce pages, Apex classes, S-controls, Triggers, Webservices, Javascript, Ajax

  *  MS Office, .NET/PHP/JAVA integration with Salesforce using Salesforce APIs

  *  Code optimization w.r.t. governor limits of Salesforce

  *  Data Import/Data migration and manipulation to Salesforce from any existing database (SQL/MySQL/Access/Excel/Csv etc.)

  *  Unit tests code coverage and deployments

  *  Portals setup & appExchange package deployment


These services are available in just $20 USD per hour with no advance payment:smileyhappy:. 


For more information just send an email on salesforce@logicrain.com.





LogicRain Technologies | Salesforce Service Provider



Skype : logicrain

Gtalk  : logicraintechnologies

Yahoo : logicraintechnologies

Email  : salesforce@logicrain.com

please contact budi@aerje.com for low cost development.