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Query for 'Recently Viewed'?

I want to mimic the "recently viewed" functionality in SFDC in my AppExchange API application, but I don't see any fields in the documentation that would allow me to determine when an object was viewed. Is there a way to do this via the API?

No, the MRU data is not currently available via the API. If this is something you need, please log a feature request case with support.

OK, thanks.

Well, I hunted around the site for a while looking for the Support option and never could find it. I asked Ron Hess at the Austin seminar yesterday where I should log a feature request, and he explained that since I only have a Developer Edition account I can't access support, and that I should just post here and request the feature. So, here goes:

Feature Request:
Expose MRU data for objects through the SOAP API.