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Upgrading from Professional to Enterprise Edition



I have got a "Professional Edition" with 8 "Salesforce Licensed users" and we'd also paid some amount for enabling "Web Services APIs". Now that we are willing to upgrade to "Enterprise Edition", I would like to know certain things in this regard:


  1. As Enterprise Edition would have "Web Services APIs" enabled by default, will the amount that we'd paid earlier for "Web Services APIs" be refunded?
  2. Do we need to have the same nuber of users (8) as in "Professional Edition" and under the same licenses while upgrading to "Enterprise Edition". For ex., as we have got 8 "Salesforce licensed users", while upgrading can I have 2 "salesforce licenseed users" and 6 "Force.com licensed users". Is this possible.

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You will get the APIs thats for sure. For your other questions you should directly check with the SFDC.
Your account executive or Salesforce support can help you here.

Satish Kumar