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How to Enable Person Account in Developer Edition

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    I want to Enable Person Accounts in Developer Edition , Can you anyone can what are all the procedure to activate or Enable person Account .



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Click on "Help" on your top right corner, it opens up Salesforce Help Portal. Then click on "Contact Support" and select "Open a Case" in Additional Support Options popup. Then fill required info (feature request etc.), in the description enter the request to enable person account.


Does this help?


Hi abhi_the1


 In Developer Edition case is not support, Incase of  Revenue purpose case is blocked , anyother solution for Enable person Account in developer Edition




Why? Can't you see Open A Case in Help Portal after clicking on Help link?


Hi  GaneZ,


     To Enable Person Account in Developer Edition follow  the steps available in below link.




and then contact Salesforce with username and organization ID.

You will have to contact SFDC Support to enable person accounts.

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