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Send email to user when they login into the Salesforce UI

Hello frnds,



I have a requirement where, whenever a user logins into the salesforce.com UI a welcome email should be sent to them.

I tried to create work flow rule where criteria is


"Last Login equals Today "

and then added a work flow action Email Alert,  where it will send an email from users current email address to user itself email template is also added in it.


Any one has come across this type of requirement? if yes please let me know how can we acheive it and if not any solutions.


Thanks in advance,


Your solution will work provided you add some filters in your WF rule else it will send the email everyday/everytime they login to SFDC.

You may create a custom field (lets say emailSent -checkbox)
and set this field to true after sending the email (use this field as a filter in your WF rule), so that next time they login to salesforce your WF rule will not send the email.
A couple of options in this link:

Satish Kumar
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