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Unacceptable work stopping bug! - Developer Console Chewed up all my API calls

Hi All,


Salesforce has done it again. Not only are they removing functionality we've all grown atteched to by forcing us to use the developer console to show all our test coverage: now it seems that when we use the Developer Console - we chew up all our API calls in our org.


I am now incapable of performing any more development for 24hours because the dev console - the Salesforce supported tool PROVIDED to be BY salesforce) - has burned up all of my API calls.


This is completely unnacceptable, and is costing my company man hours.


Salesforce: you're a billion dollar company and whatever retarded monkey was hired to changed the Developer console should be shot out of a cannon.


I asked about this. On the roadmap is the ability for the console to use a type of streaming API in the near future, so it won't eat API calls as badly. I asked this to a PM because I, too, was concerned about the API calls/day-- two developers in an organization can't work with the console for even 4 manhours each without hitting the limit. It's worth noting that using an ISV developer org doubles the API calls you get per day, plus a lot more storage space. This can help alleviate the problem somewhat.


I just can't believe they even let this crap out of the gate...


I wasn't even workign in it that long. The main thing I was needing to do is run tests over an over. It seems that each test request is a single call (meaning they don't even follow their own best practices and make things batchable - shame on you SF) So I alone ran out of calls in about 3 hours.


Since I can no longer see my calsses code coverage in the Apex class list in the standard salesforce interface (you know, the one that doesn't chew my api calls?) I was forced to be in the dev console for the entirety of my work.




like the idea of a dev console. Moving things to a web based IDE is just the right move for Salesforce - but the current implementation is beta at best and is being forced on us

I can't disagree with it more. I was dismayed to see that a wonderful new feature was severely crippled because of a lack of insight as to how much strain it was putting on the server.

We had to do a simple update of a few classes in a package last night. Ran tests a few times to figure out the coverage - hit a couple failures because of new features - all in all I was only in it for about an hour and already chewed up 900 calls...