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Intregration html form



What I need to do is so simple in theory, otherwise I would not be writing this post!


The point is that I have an HTML registration form, where the action parameter triggers a PHP script which already executes some stuff. What I need to do, is additionally create a new load in the salesforce system with this form information, maybe writing some PHP code at the end of this script to generate an XML file for example, send this file to salesforce and create the lead. That's all.


I don't have any problem to write the PHP code, but I don't know the procedure to do the integration with the salesforce system, could you help me with that?


Thanks a lot!




This is something that is actually quite easy to do.   So if you have  a form that is posting to another PHP script that is handling the array of data and then performing certain functions, you could post that information into salesforce by setting that data into an sObject. and then inserting it into the Leads object, which woudl create a new record into Salesforce. 


if you need a code example, you could probably find one on my site > mikesimonds.com





Hi Mike,


I'm going to see your code example,


thanks for your help!