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API Client ID

After using the below code to connect pro users via the already-working API connection we've installed in our system, the following error is returned: [sf:API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG] API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner

It has been verified that our userid/password (replaced below with "username/password") is indeed correct and allows login (with sligh variation to capitalization of password, which will not be repeated here) via the sforce explorer. However, it returns the above code when called using the below code.

After several weeks of attempting to successfully integrate with Salesforce, we need to get this resolved yesterday.

$client2=new SforcePartnerClient();
$result = $client2->login($login[0],$login[1]);
// note that $login[0] holds the individual's Salesforce username and $login[1] holds their password. All this code works for upserting, but only if the user is Enterprise. For Pro users, the previously-mentioned error is returned.
The Professional Edition does not have API access.  To get it, you can either upgrade to Enterprise Edition or talk to Salesforce about enabling it in your Professional Edition org for an additional fee.
We are already at Enterprise level. The problem turned out to be a bug in the API class. We were sent the fixed code, and everything appears to be working now.