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Email templates list


I would like to retrieve a list of our email templates and the html and text version of the template. Is there something similar like the url to retrieve all reports http://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.ReportList ?

Is there a better solution than to extract the templates from the html pages?

Hope some one has some experience on this and is kind enough to help me.

Thanks in advance.
I seem to get an "INVALID_TYPE: sObject type 'EmailTemplate' is not supported." using the Partner API
I am getting the same error : sObject type 'EmailTemplate' is not supported. I am using our enterprise wsdl.

Is there some documentation on how to use EmailTemplates from the API?

Thank you for any responses...
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
Have to say that I don't see that in from the API calls either.
- I used the the developer's side kick and DataScope these all access through the Partner API ..

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Tran ManTran Man
Sorry for the confusion!  I was looking at an internal org with a few extra surprises when I answered the question.  :smileyhappy:

For now, there is no API access to email templates.