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Axlea, giving you the developing resources to

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Why hunt around for SalesForce developers when Axlea already has a full staff of dedicated SalesForce developers waiting for you?


Talented freelancers can be hard to find and manage. Quality is our key to success and it's been working so far. How do we do that? We put our developers through an elaborate test process before they are actually hired full time at Axlea. This assures success not only for us but also for our clients.


This allows you to concentrate on your higher level relationships with your clients as well as automatically have the capacity to take on additional and larger projects because of the scalability offered by Axlea. We stay in the background so that from the client's perspective Axlea developers are just part of your team.


Our pricing is simple with rates starting @ $59/hr (as of February 2011)


Less than $60 an hour provides you with not only a SalesForce web development team, but also a personal Account Executive and a Project Manager. This means your staff can gear their focus more on the creative process and what you do best, and worry less about physically getting it done. This also ensures faster turnaround time and more efficient communication overall. With our quality standards, our prices are extremely competitive compared to industry standards. Quality and good prices are hard to find in one company. We exist to fill both criteria in that role.


To discuss your specific needs please contact:

Vana Moua Acquisitions

Email: vana@axlea.com

Skype ID: vana2.bxily

Phone: 559.761.0588

Office: 877.673.7059


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