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Salesforce.com exerienced developers available for Full Time/part time or On Project Base

We have 3+ years experience in SFDC Developers, We have worked on 15+ projects including Customer Portal, Dat Migration, Insurance Application, and Integration with Other system, Partner Portal and custom customization of application.


  • Salesforce.com Complete configuration.
  • Apex class.
  • VF pages, components and controllers
  • Triggers.
  • Salesforce Account Structure, CRM Model and Customization
  • Batch process, External webservices call in Salesforce
  • Data security using OWD, criteria based sharing, apex managed sharing, roles, FLS.
  • Data migration and related all Tools like(Apex Loader, Explorer, Excel Macros, etc…)
  • Workflow rules, Approval Processes, Validation rules and formulas
  • One developer – One Client


  “Quality work, on time delivery, and Reasonable Price”



Hitesh Sharma



We need this application to run on a mobile app device as well.


We have currently on Quickbooks which need to move to the cloud:

- All Clients (800 to 900 approx)
- Invoice balances/history/current
- What was sold (Approx. 25 products to choose from)
- When it was sold

- Product expiration dates (these are perishable food products)

- Company balance


The Overview of Operations:
Distributor (Me) --> Driver (Truck Inventory)---> Ending Client (800 to 900)


Between these 3 areas, The Driver, Distribution Center, and Mangers everyone should have access to REAL-TIME inventory, finances and related information. They are able to input information as well.

I want to be able to drill down on clients to see any current details. If there is an issue it will be "open" or "closed" for that client.


I am very serious about this project. Hope to hear from you soon.






We are thinking you required real time syncronization between Salesforce and Quickbooks, to do this we must consider salesforce governer limits specially web service call out limits.


Please provide us more detail about an application which you want to develop. Please send this information in email so we can give you estimation and queries related project.





H. Sharma


Salesforce Consultant


We do not need real time updates with quick books, I am willing to migrate the data over and start fresh with a new app if necessary.


Are you located in US ?


Yes we are located in California near Los Angeles. Why?




We are not located in US, we are from India.