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Need a creative well rounded developer

We are a small pet care company who offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, training, pet taxi, dog walking, pet care and retail. After months and months of searching I found that all the tools out there are really weak, some are still built using access - no really and from what I can tell they haven't upgraded in years. In my past I ran an IS department where I implemented a RAD development team and I'm looking for someone who can work with me to build a user friendly tool for both my staff and my customers.


High Level Goals - Build an application that allows clients to update their information & request services.  Build an application that assist us in the approval process for these request and that enables us to manage/care for their pets.



Client Information - our human members

Pet Information - associated to client (many pets to one client) - associated to other non-related pets (track possible conflicts)

Vet Information - vets are associated to pets and in most cases the same vet is used for all the clients pet but not always.

Locations - our physical locations - associated to core services (Location 1 has less services than Location 2)

Holiday - holiday days; although we are a 24/7 shop some services are canceled during holiday while other add a holiday fee.

Hours of Operations - We have facility based hours; blocks of time used for holiday and weekend boarding drop off & pickup times; travel services also use blocks of time (we don't allow a client to say they want their dog walked at 1PM instead they want a midday walk (midday time block 10-2:00); We have staff hours - example groomer 1.

Daycare Areas - dogs are placed in areas, number of dogs allowed in room

Boarding Rooms - type (suite, standard.. etc) - number of dogs allowed in room, availability etc..

Staff - hours, capabilities, commission rate per service, all top services, all top and addon services; if travel what zip codes do they support. what territory are they. We need to track if someone is responsible for a group of travel staff members because they get paid commission on their territory.

Product/Service Catalog - Our service catalog, needs to tie into pet type, travel or facility based, hours of operations (time block or hours) - if client order half day of camp but their dog is here for 6 hours the service changes to full day - camp is not open Sat and Sunday or not open holidays, volume based - client dog comes to daycare everyday the 5th day is $15.00 off - if a client has two dogs the second dog comes at a discount, three dogs etc... we have services and sub services. We want to have gift cards, web codes for discounts etc.. VIP discounts.. 


Scheduling - clients have daily, weekly schedules, bi-weekly schedule monthly schedules. We need recurring schedules. We have limits - you cannot request services via the system x number of hours or days ahead. You cannot cancel services x number of hours, days or weeks before - service dependent - must call. Some cancelation have fees associated to them based on service type or time. No show - if a client is schedule to be at daycare as an example and they don't call or cancel services they are charged full price or a no-show fee. Staff needs to be able to schedule, cancel, assign fees, waive fees at any point.


We need to move dogs from boarding suite to daycare room back to boarding suite. Same with grooming and travel services - this includes moving dogs from one facility to another. If a dog is moved to a room with an at risk dog we need to be flag immediately and allowed to override it if needed. This type of reporting needs to be dynamic so as when approving client request we can see what areas that dog or dogs cannot be placed - a quick glance to see if their is space in a safe pack for that dog. Near the end of the day we tend to consolidate dogs into rooms - we need our staff to know which dogs can be consolidated.


When scheduling a staff member to a travel service - even if it's a boarding dog who just needs a walk we need to take into account that dogs temperament and the staff's skill level - should they be handling that dog. Red Flags if we try to assign them to that job. Example: a client needs help training a human aggressive or dog aggressive dog - which staff member is qualified to do that job.


We need to check in and out dogs - if we don't get to it right away we need to over-ride the check in and out time.


I'm sure there is more.. We use quickbooks online and would want this tool to integrate with quickbooks.


Let me know if any one is interested and what the next steps would be.






As a pet owner with two dogs and a cat, who travel with us most of the time - can't really board pets for more than a few days in the summer in New Orleans, I am interested.


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Jennifer samiJennifer sami
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