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Affordable Administrator Training + More

Affordable Salesforce.com Administrator Training + More

“Possibly the best salesforce training on the planet”

Join our roster of satisfied global and midsize customers in virtually every industry. We are a salesforce.com partner since 2002.


Administrator Classes and More:

Salesforce Fundamentals Classes (Admin + 6 other classes)
Salesforce Intermediate Classes (6 available classes)
Salesforce Advanced Classes (5 available classes)
Salesforce Nonprofit Classes (7 available classes)
Administrator 4 and 3 Day Classes (Online and Onsite)


Affordable livesalesforcetraining.com:

  • Your Team
  • Your Personal Trainer
  • Your Organization
  • Your Processes
  • Your Salesforce

Included at no additional cost:

  • Custom preparation with your team
  • Analysis of your  individual needs
  • Review of your salesforce.com
  • Free consultation prior to your training


Ivan Feher
Customer Experience Director