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Contract position with Mobile Marketing company - Addison, TX

We are a company based in Addison, TX.  We currently have an opening for a contract high level programmer that will help us integrate Salesforce Enterprise with our  provisioning and messaging system, and possibly with Quickbooks.


Our goal is to find a candidate familiar with Salesforce from both a process improvement perspective and solutions implementation perspective. This person will need to understand how we can use Salesforce to improve and automate our processes, including moving data across various systems. They will need to be comfortable communicating with stakeholders to understand how we work now and how we want to change. They should be able to work effectively on their own without constant oversight, but they should also be able to work well within a small team (depending on whether we need more than one resource).


Specifically, the primary responsibilities will include the following functions:

- Work with end users to understand and define requirements for automating our processes using Salesforce

- Understand the mechanisms by which Salesforce can communicate with other systems

- Recommend, investigate, and evaluate Salesforce plug-ins to meet our requirements

- Implement and configure third party plug-ins

- Implement custom solutions to integrate data flows between Salesforce and our custom systems

- Help test implemented solutions

- Possibly provide training to Salesforce users


Preferred programming skills are:

Java, Apex, web services (JAX-WS or SOAP)



I don't yet know the duration of the project at this time, but I expect to keep someone busy for two months, maybe longer if they have to work part-time. I would prefer to have someone onsite, but I'd be open to someone working some offsite. I'm also open to someone who needs a flexible schedule.


Pleae send resumes to tracyh@retialcomm.com


Please drop an email to discuss, we can help you for this integration Project. We have done couple of SFDC external integrations with other apps & one quickbooks integration.


Already we working with our TX client using a remote model & if needed we can work oniste -offsite model.






Hi ,

My name is Elena I'm a salesforce partner project manager, and we make several developments, big or small ones. We have a customer base and work that supports our experience.

If you consider that we can help you, please send me an email back.

All the best