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Ivan FeherIvan Feher 

Grow Sales: Business Development Training

Grow Sales: Business Development Training

“Possibly the best salesforce training on the planet”

Work smarter not harder. Automate your marketing and sales. Learn how to get more qualified leads, and then efficiently close them.



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 Features and Benefits unique to livesalesforcetraining.com :

  • Your Team - relevant classes exclusive to your team delivers a personal one-to-one experience
  • Your Personal Trainer - your dedicated Salesforce certified level 2 trainer for increased effectiveness and user adoption 
  • Your Organization - is unique. Financial services, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, media, education, retail, professional services and nonprofits all have distinctive needs. More specific training delivers better results.
  • Your Processes - training that considers your processes and methodologies for increased relevance 
  • Your Salesforce Instance - interactive training in your salesforce for greater practical benefits. There are no canned slideshows or multiple choice quizzes. Everything is live.

Ivan Feher
Customer Experience Director