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Help needed TODAY. Is anyone available to help?

We are trying to get our products into our environment ready for launch on Tuesday of next week but we have hit a barrier that we don't have the skills or knowledge to cope with.


Is anyone available for paid work to help us between now and then?



We are a service company based int he UK that offers collection services. We use a network of contractors to carry out those services. The services can be in a combination of forms dependant on three things:



  1. Type of container (10 options)
  2. Size of container (10 options)
  3. Type of container cargo (10 options)
We collect from all over the UK and therefore choose a contractor based on the postcode of the Account Shipping Postcode. We may have a choice of between 1-4 contractors to use in that area - each offering a different price.
We believe we should be using Pricebooks according to the Postcode and then Container Type as the Product. The other items then become variables of that product ie:
Size of Container
Type of Container Cargo
Based on the chosen variables the system would return the possible contractors, which would give us the price


What we are looking to do is:


Build a Custom Object to manage our vendor services. This would be:


  • Vendor details (taken from Account)
  • Vendor postcodes covered - multi-select
  • Vendor containers offered in those Postcode areas
  • Vendor sizes offered
  • Type of Container Cargo offered
  • Price for each combination



Modify the Opportunity Product to add in the ability to select product variables as well as Quantity:


  •  Frequency of Collection
  •  Size of Container
  •  Type of Product



We then need a lookup to check which of our Vendors can match the product combination, which will then return a Price and the Vendor


Hope that makes sense. Would love to hear from anyone interested in this work who can begin immediately.



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Thanks for the reply Werner, I'm actually already waiting for a call back from Xactium and it isn't Airline Cargo. I was being commercially vague!





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Hi Philip,


I have an airline cargo background and we (projectnet) are closely working together with Xactium in U.K. for all programming work.


Let's have a chat about your project, I have first ideas for a quick solution.


Best regards,





Thanks for the reply Werner, I'm actually already waiting for a call back from Xactium and it isn't Airline Cargo. I was being commercially vague!





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Great! loop closed


Best regards,






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Hi Philip,

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Gyus thank you very much for your quick replies. We found someone to help us.






Why not get someone on our course then you could do the quick fixes yourself next time. http://community.salesforce.com/t5/Jobs-Board-Developer/Salesforce-com-training-and-Cloudforce-London-2010/td-p/202095


Thanks Kicking boy - we have a number of people trained. What we had today was not a quick fix. It was advanced Apex but hey, way to get your URL in :smileywink: