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Is this possible or feasible on

Work Flow/Functionality


1. "Documents" are faxed into system via MyFax or Uploaded by customer through simple customer "portal"/Screen

2. Those "documents" or "jobs" come into a screen or queue

3 A clerk is then able to click on the job look at the document and enter about 6 data elements into a form.

4. Clerk can also place job on hold, can manipulate document meaning split one doc into 2 or more other jobs or join 2 or more jobs to form 1 document or job

5. If job is satisfactory clerk submits to a work queue- clerk can also manually assign to workers

6. workers login and see their assigned jobs and call also elect to pull up to 5 more jobs from the queue

7. worker reads through document/job and fills out data fields on a data entry form. there are upt 64 fields of data. there is some logic where if 1 questions answer might then open another field up.  There is also some validation that needs to happ very quickly or on the fly within these fields

8. When worker is satisfied and previews a pdf form they submit to customer- can also leave notes

9. Customer is notified by email their job is ready. Customer logs in to portal- and looks at their product which is a 1 page pdf file that has data populated on it from the worker.  customer can accept it then dowload, print,save or reject it and send us notes of why

 That is  the general workflow..



1. Faxes come in via MyFax then need to be transfereed from Myfax to system via SSL

2 System needs to be able to compute and create an email invoice to customers autmatically every month

3. System needs to create a timecard if you will for the workers

4. User interface needs to be custom not look like salesforce

5. The "document" needs to be able to be viewed in a seperate pop up window which can be moved to another monitor and blown up, to zoom, etc

6.documents need to be pdf but viewing could be SWF.

7. because customers vary with faxes an uploads when the docs or jobs come in they need to be optimized as far as file size/quality/etc

8. Need to leverage some sort of mechanism to store upload/faxed documents basically forever- using something like Amazon S3 storage

9. The document/ -workers need to be able to make tags or annotations on top of the doc which are stored in the database and clickable where it takes you to that portion of the document when clicked.

10. document and the product-pdf form needs locked when customer accepts- but need safety switch to unlock if need be

11.workers must not be able to print or save the jobs/documents to their computer- viewable only

12.Rules engine needs to be developed so that we can create rules for data entry without programming-  ie  This data can't be with this data

13. Secure Chat between Users


This system exists but hardly any of these requirements were met. Currently a MS SQL database with .Net programmed front end. let me know feel free to move the post if you don't think it's appropriate.  Thanks


Please drop an email to discuss.


Please contact me at to discuss further on your requirements.


Hi ,

Thanks for your detailed job posting. This workflow is completely doable inside salesforce and i would explain on how this would work .

1. From the descritpion of your project, it seems that the sales and service cloud would be an ideal fit for your needs.

2. We can create an email to case form where once the document is uploaded to salesforce using a custom form, the system will create a case with the document as attachment. This can be a custom form or an automatic process which would query documents from myfax using there api and update it automatically.

3.Since the documents would be huge, we will integrate salesforce with s3 webservice where the documents will be stored to save you cost on data storage.

4. We can create a custom saleforce app to do this workflow in salesforce completely and use standard and custom salesforce objects to do this feature.

  We have great ideas on this project and would like to get in touch with you asap on this. Could you please email me directly at for further discussion?


I have some questions on this.

1. What format will these documents be uploaded? Is this word documents or pdfs?

2. What business are you in and how are the payments captured for the customers?