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SalesForce CRM Projects Needing Developer

Our company provides Human Resource support to other small and medium sized businesses.  We have created a number of Human Resource oriented programs in Excel for our clients.  We would like these to be accessed via SalesForce to control ownership of the content. 


* Each worksheet represents one week of work for an employee. Hours worked by day are posted, revenue and commissions are posted as applicable and there are calculations done to determine overtime hours.


* This needs to have a professional feel and can't have extended delays when posting.

* A demonstrated track record f success is required.  


This is the first of multiple projects.  SalesForce may not be the best platform for this solutions, but it is our first choice. 




Do you have a document that you could send? We have developed a lot of interfaces in Salesforce.

Sandeep Banga
Ph: 484-442-1093
super developersuper developer



I am salesforce certified developer.


If you need offshore development please ping us.


I have 2+ years experience in salesforce as developer. I have done different apps and many sites using sfdc. I have worked with 3rd party tools for integration like (apatar, informatica, pervasive ... etc) and done integration with mysql through java, integration with campaign monitors through webservices.

I am ready to show you my previous work in salesforce.com. So that you will know my capabilities. And also I am ready to face any type of interview in salesforce.com (sample requirement) to prove my strength. 


We have done many integration through webservices.

 Please do contact us

on Skype:dskvap



Please drop an email to discuss, we can help you.






I have 3 years of Salesforce.com development experience and have done over 20 Salesforce implementations. I can speak with you more about the details of the project if you email me at dominic.r.baker@gmail.com.


Thank you,


Dominic Baker

SFDC Certified Administrator

SFDC Certified Developer



Based on our needs, We are a salesforce consulting company based in Philly specializing in customizing and automating excel based Human resource applications in salesforce.

1. We would use a project baseds solution where employees can login to salesforce and create tasks and submit there hours on the project.

2. We can have a time sheet solution where employees can submit the time sheet and the managers can approve them . I would appreciate if you could call us at 302-355-0449 or let me know a good time to talk to you further regarding this?