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Salesforce Architect Available for Hire - Austin, TX

Salesforce technical architect available for hire in Austin,Tx.

Certifications: Certified Advanced Administrator, Certified Developer, Certified Consultant, Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Certified Service Cloud Consultant.

- Expert in Visualforce, Apex, Webservices and application architecture and design.
- Languages - C#, Visual Basic .Net, ASP.Net, conceptual knowledge of Java.
- Designed and Implemented 3 AppExchange Applications
- Led development teams onshore and offshore at a 60B company
- Very knowledgable in network design and infrastructure

Email architect@qlocal.com or call 210-885-0019 for more information.
This individual is an incredibly qualified Salesforce technical architect available for hire in Austin, Tx. With certifications in advanced administration, development, consulting, and specific Salesforce clouds, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Their expertise in Visualforce, Apex, webservices, and application architecture and design is impressive Alternatively, you can check out https://arrify.com/connect/sfdc-expert/us/austin/ for a comprehensive list of Salesforce experts in Austin.
Frank Hart 10Frank Hart 10
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Sandy Smith 3Sandy Smith 3
The most important technical skill for a Salesforce technical architect is a thorough knowledge of Salesforce's platform and its core products. This includes understanding force.com, cloud computing, and application development. Additionally, experience with the Salesforce AppExchange and its related services, such as Heroku, is helpful. Other key skills include strong problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities, the ability to work well with cross-functional teams, and an in-depth understanding of business process automation. https://the2d3dfloorplancompany.com/real-estate-rendering-services/
rog ifewrog ifew
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This is a very old post and I don't do too much consulting except for very select clients, but happy to point you in the right direction to the right profile you are looking for. 

What Sandy stated above is true as a starting point for an architect, but the same could be said about a developer as well. The key thing that separates an architect is that they have very strong understanding of the Salesforce platform, how all the component fit together, but also understand how to build enterprise scalable applications Salesforce or otherwise. They are the glue between the business and the technical teams think think about all facets from ideation->design->build->deployment->maintenance.