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Force Developer Needed

We are searching for a contractor to help finish a project that is about 50% done. We have created an number of custom pages that allows us to perform our business tasks, in what we call our CRM, which is not the same as the SalesForce CRM. We are searching for someone in our area of Golden, Colorado who can come into our office and finish this project. We believe it can be finished within a couple weeks. Please provide us with your contact information and a resume that includes copies of your past works. The time to fill this position is short and we are looking to hire immediately. A test will be performed during the interview.


We are not looking for Companies at this time.


Hi Jacob,


I understand that you are not trying to hire a company at this time, but if in case you need a second opinion on your project, we offer an hour of cost-free consultation.


Feel free to contact us anytime.



Janice Jordan



(650) 241-8599


We are a team of salesforce developers and interested as offshore team. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

More Info:
Website: http://www.aslambari.com
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Blog: http://techsahre.blogspot.com

Aslam Bari