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upload multiple images,graphs and charts on to account page layouts

Hi, Below is the requirement: To provide an option to the user to browse and upload multiple images/graphs/charts in the account layout screen. https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?l​istingId=a0N30000001TKzOEAW 1) I have used the photo uplaoder app but the browse option is not available while creating/editing the app, browse button is getting displayed only in the view page of each account details. 2) One more disadvantage is: I am not able to upload more than one image. But my requirement is more than one image upload. please help me out.. Regards, Suja
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User to upload multiple files at once to sales/force.com. Progress bars also indicate the status of these uploads. This is done using the HTML5 File API to read a file locally in the browser, split it into chunks, and sends these file chucks to an Apex controller where the file is reconstructed server side.


For detailed information look at the fallowing link.. 





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