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Why Master-Detail Relationship is preferable to create junction object in salesforce



      Can anyone help me "Why two Master-Detail Relationship is  preferable to create junction object. Why cant with two Lookup relationships or one master-detail and one lookup relationship".



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In Master- detail relationships , parent and child record have same owner ... so security is high and confedential



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The first master-detail relationship you create on your junction object becomes the primary relationship. This affects the following for the junction object records:

  • Look and feel: The junction object's detail and edit pages use the color and any associated icon of the primary master object.
  • Record ownership: The junction object records inherit the value of the Owner field from their associated primary master record. Because objects on the detail side of a relationship do not have a visible Owner field, this is only relevant if you later delete both master-detail relationships on your junction object.
  • Division: If your organization uses divisions to segment data, the junction object records inherit their division from their associated primary master record. Similar to the record ownership, this is only relevant if you later delete both master-detail relationships.



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 A many-to-many relationship allows each record of one object to be linked to multiple records from another object .


For example, you may have a custom object called “Course” that relates to the student object such that a course could be related to multiple students  and a  students could also be related to multiple courses. 


To create a many-to-many relationship, simply create a custom junction object with two master-detail relationship fields, each linking to the objects you want to relate.


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The actual implementation, which relationship to use, depends on the requirement. As know, you could use any of the relationship but Master-Detail relationship would cover more scenarios by default.