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How to override SaveURL on the custom button URL



I have a custom button '/a0R/e?retURL=%2Fa0R%2Fo&RecordType=012G00000017BdF&ent=01IG0000002FvXG&saveURL={!x__c.NumberId__c}'

x__c is a custom object and NumberId__c is a lookup field on x__c object. NumberId__c will be updated via trigger when only the above page is saved.

When the page is opened via custom button, the saveurl (or {!x__c.NumberId__c} is null)  but only when the page is saved {!x__c.NumberId__c}  will have a value. How to update the saveurl and navigate to another page.


Also, how to prepopulate the fields from one object to another via custom button and without using URL hack?


Thank you.


Hi Mounika, 



Understood about the custom button, custom object and the custom field that will be updated upon Saving. 


Need more information to understand what is currently working and what is that you are looking for. 


What is the URL you want to redirect to upon Saving. 


Do you also want to update fields upon clicking.