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Robert FarrellRobert Farrell 

Salesforce Expert needed

Happy New Year to anyone reading this post!  I am desirous of hiring a Salesforce expert as a consultant.  I would like to have someone come to my office to set everything up (custom reports, Dashboards, etc) tailored specific to my company.  Is this something that is available?  I am located approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, PA.  Please advise ASAP as I would like to start 2012 out right.


Thank you,  





Happy New year,


With respecting your requirement of a resource onsite I would like to mention all of this can be done remotely. Below I will list some information about company I represent. If need immediate assistance feel free to reach out.


Here at Ionia we have a wide variety of certified (SFDC) administrators to developer’s junior and senior level, architects junior and senior level. We also specialize in BizTalk development and SharePoint development. Below I will give a brief summary about Ionia. On behalf of myself and the entire Ionia team we thank you for your time.


As a Certified Salesforce.com Consultant we specialize in: Customization, Integration, Implementation and Application Development. Our track record of success is built upon a foundation of strong experience with specialists driven to meet our clients’ needs. 


In the meantime, here is an overview of our Suite of Services and my personal contact info:


Ionia is a Certified Salesforce.com consulting partner located in Cambridge MA. We have been in business for 7 years and have 15 FT architects, analysts and developers as well as 30 certified off-shore developer partners. We have done 100’s of projects of varying size and scope. Specifically, we help companies use Salesforce.com more efficiently and effectively, track marketing efforts more accurately and increase revenue by providing the following Suite of Services:

- Salesforce.com   Consulting
- Salesforce.com   Implementation & Customization
- Salesforce.com   Custom Application Development
- Salesforce.com   ERP Integration, Interface Development
- Salesforce.com   Remote Admin, Training and Support


Please feel free to call me to schedule a time to speak with one of our Business Analysts, Architects or Developers to see how we might be able to help your company with any of their CRM needs.



Best Regards,


Aaron J. Blair






Ionia Corporation

Building your information pipelines – Ionia            


Happy new year to you, Robert.


It looks like what you are requesting can be done in a relatively short amount of time, customized to your business, including style/design.


We'd be happy to chat with you regarding the set-up routine and provide you a quote on time and cost.


Much obliged,


Jim Buchan

BP Squadron




Alan SandovalAlan Sandoval

Hi Robert,


We are Software Allies, we are a Certified Salesforce Consultant Partner and a Certified Salesforce ISV Partner. If you have not found some one to assist you with your project, please give me a call we start off with a free 2 hour consulting call were we gather more details of your project and answer any questions you might have. Have a prosperous year!


Alan Sandoval

1 888 890 3670



Hi Robert


All of the things in your posting can be done remotely and we've done it before so we can definitely help you out with your project. Just give us a call so we can discuss the project in further details.


You can first check us out at http://axlea.com then call me at (559) 761-0588 or email me back at vana@axlea.com.


Best Regards


Vana Moua
email: vana@axlea.com
Website: http://axlea.com
Skype: vana2.bxily
Skype #: (559) 761-0588

super developersuper developer


I am a Salesforce Certified Developer.

I have hands one experience in Apex,vfpages, java script,jqueries.

If you need any offshore salesforce assistance please ping us.

I am ready to work at your timings.

I have 3+ years experience in salesforce as developer. I have done
different apps and many sites using sfdc. I have worked with 3rd party
tools for integration like (apatar, informatica, pervasive ... etc) and
done integration with mysql through java, done API integration with paypal,
authorize.net ,Constant contact,eventbrite.

I am ready to show you my previous work in salesforce.com. So that you will
know my capabilities. And also I am ready to face any type of interview in
salesforce.com (sample requirement) to prove my strength.

 Please do contact us

 on Skype:radhika.dskvap


Hi Robert -- if you are open to working with a firm, we can provide an onsite Salesforce expert on a contract or contract-to-hire basis -- ongoing we can provide remote support services is desired.  One cost effective alternative to hiring a full time expert is -- have a consultant come onsite and do the setup you want and then utilize them on-demand either remotely or onsite.  In addition to our consultants being Salesforce experts, they are backed up by a team of experts that can help out when necessary.   If this is of interest to you, let me know.  Best regards, madison.cloutier@mansasys.com



We can help you with this. Lets set a 15 min call to discuss your needs. Please email me your availability for Friday 1/13/12 to vickys@getmetherightjob.com. 

Vicky Skuja

Client Success Manager



Madhav NarayanMadhav Narayan

Hello Robert,


I hope all is well.  Are you still looking for someone for this project?  I know someone who would fit this requirement nicely and is available.  Please let me know if you would like her resume.  Thank you very much.