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Apex Developer Needed for Website Project

We are migrating current website from php/sql to SF Sites, running high-volume customer portal.  Need SF Developer with experience in APEX, Visualforce, CSS/HTML.  Preferably local.  Contact via email employment@shepherdsguide.com.




Below I have listed some information regarding the Salesforce consulting firm I represent located within the Greater Boston Area. This is a very common project for us and we would be happy to assist you. Feel free to reach out when you find it most convenient.



Here at Ionia we have a wide variety of certified (SFDC) administrators to developer’s junior and senior level, architects junior and senior level. We also specialize in BizTalk development and SharePoint development. On behalf of myself and the entire Ionia team we thank you for your time.


As a Certified Salesforce.com Consultant we specialize in: Customization, Integration, Implementation and Application Development. Our track record of success is built upon a foundation of strong experience with specialists driven to meet our clients’ needs. 


In the meantime, here is an overview of our Suite of Services and my personal contact info:


Ionia is a Certified Salesforce.com consulting partner located in Cambridge MA. We have been in business for 8 years and have 20 FT architects, analysts and developers as well as 50 certified off-shore developer partners. We have done 100’s of projects of varying size and scope. Specifically, we help companies use Salesforce.com more efficiently and effectively, track marketing efforts more accurately and increase revenue by providing the following Suite of Services:

- Salesforce.com   Consulting
- Salesforce.com   Implementation & Customization
- Salesforce.com   Custom Application Development
- Salesforce.com   ERP Integration, Interface Development
- Salesforce.com   Remote Admin, Training and Support


Please feel free to call me to schedule a time to speak with one of our Business Analysts, Architects or Developers to see how we might be able to help your company with any of their CRM needs.


Best Regards,


Aaron J. Blair






Ionia Corporation

Building your information pipelines          


As an independent software development company, LogicRain provides distinguished business and technical analysis, Salesforce consulting services and AppExchange applications development

for small companies and mid-sized enterprises. We do this by:


•             Our expertise in Salesforce CRM deployments

•             Specializing in the Force.com platform

•             Focusing our energies entirely on helping organizations who are considering or who have decided to go with   Salesforce.com technologies - our skills are not diluted by catering to technologies 

•             Providing quality - quality is guaranteed - Salesforce.com-specific consulting services; and

•             Offering our services at competitive rates.


Our experienced developers of Salesforce and Force.com are advanced developers and have implemented over 25 Force.com development projects. We are proud of our top-flight software

engineers and business analysts.


Key Skills of LogicRain Technologies which significantly differs us from our competitors.


•             Force.com sites development

•             Salesforce Portal Development

•             Web/Win service development/Utility Development for synchronization of data between Salesforce and any other application

•             Customize and personalize Salesforce.com to fit into environment's specific needs

•             Create new user accounts and configure Salesforce.com to fit security needs at the user and organization levels

•             Creation & implementation of Custom Objects, Custom Apps, Page Layouts, Related Lists, Tabs

•             Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules, Outbound/Inbound Messages, All types of Email Templates

•             Lead, Account, Opportunity Managements

•             Lead Conversion process, email-to-case, web-to-lead implementations

•             Generate different kind of reports & dashboards

•             Development using Visualforce pages, Apex classes, S-controls, Triggers, Webservices, JavaScript, Ajax

•             MS Office, .NET/PHP/JAVA and SAP integration with Salesforce using Salesforce APIs

•             Code optimization with reference to governor limits of Salesforce

•             Data Import/Data migration and manipulation to Salesforce from any existing database (SQL/MySQL/Access/Excel/Csv etc.)

•             Unit tests code coverage and deployments

•             Portals setup & AppExchange package deployment


Drop an email on biz@logicrain.com for a cost-free consultation. You will end up saving significantly over the competition. 

Let LogicRain help your organization to be more successful and profitable... Contact us to get started right away!


Best Regards,


Gaurang Bhatt | Business Development Manager

LogicRain Technologies,

Email: gaurang@logicrain.com

Skype: gaurang.logicrain



I am a Senior Salesforce Developer and Project Manager. My Friends and I started a company named iBirds' Services 4 year before and working for Salesforce related Customization projects. We are in IT field 8+ years, and 5+ Years Experience in Salesforce.

* we are working as offshore team.
If you need, you can hire us on Hourly or Monthly Basis.
We have got exprienced team.

Salesforce Integration:
* Integration with PHP.
* Integration with Java
* Integration with Ruby on Rails etc.

API Integration:
* Twillio API
* Kookoo Application
* SMS related APIs

Parsing Data Into Salesforce:
* Parsing XML Data.
* Parsing JSON Data.

* Creation & implementation of Custom Objects, Custom Apps, Page Layouts, Related Lists,Tabs, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules, Outbound/Inbound Messages
* Lead, Account, Opportunity Managements
* Lead Conversion process, email-to-case, web-to-lead implementations
* Generate different kind of reports & dashboards
* Development using Visualforce pages, Apex classes, Triggers, Webservices, Javascript, Ajax

* Code optimization w.r.t. governor limits of salesforce
* Data migration and manipulation using Salesforce tools
* Unit tests code coverage and deployments
* Integration using salesforce APIs
* Portals setup & appExchange package deployment
* Force.com sites development
* Create good UI using VF and Other(Like Javascript, CSS, etc).
* Integrate custom VF pages with Standard Object.
* Using SControl.

More Info:
Website: http://www.aslambari.com, http://www.ibirdsservices.com
Portal: http://www.aslambari.com/products.html, http://ibirdsservices.com/websites.php
Blog: http://techsahre.blogspot.com

Some Live Sites:
http://www.telgo.ca/ -
http://www.eliites.com/ -  
http://tfs.force.com/apex/Home -
http://www.vendorgenie.com/ -

My profile is here:- http://in.linkedin.com/in/abvahid

If you have some projects for outsource then please consider us.
Abdul Vahid

Email: ab.vahid@gmail.com
Skype: ab.vahid
Mobile: +91-9214363316

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