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Support need for "Map Nearby Accounts 1.1" from the AppExchange

Good Afternoon All I have downloaded this s-control into my sandbox and love the idea of it but need to tweak a bit. There is a table that allows you to find nearby accounts based on the Account type, however, they are not the account types that my company uses. Can anyone tell me how I can change them to the values that we use? Thanks in advance

I have downloaded the same app to our sandbox but the supplied keys are defined for the na1 to na6 servers.   From what I can tell our sandbox server is tapp0.   Which key did you use to get the app working in your sandbox?  Any help is appreciated.



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I also have questions on support side for Map Nearby Accounts 1.1.  I have installed app and followed instructions on creating custom button as well as specifying which key to use.  I still am having problems trying to see how it maps out nearby accounts.  Any suggestions?
I also have followed the instructions for implementation but cannot get the Map Nearby Accounts button to appear and also get an error when loading the page that the address cannot be found (the error message is missing the state). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
I am having the same issue with the "key" associated with my Salesforce server.  Has anyone had success with this app? 

Hi ,

I may be having the same issue.  It does not look like anyone has addressed your original question in this thread.  

I have successfully installed the 'Button', created the S-control with the Google Maps API key and can map 1 account record (the record that I am on at the time).  It will not map the nearby accounts and i am using 5 digit zip codes instead of the 5+4 format.


My problem is that the account types that we use have been modified from the original account types that are in the drop down of this Map Nearby Accounts 1.1 application. 


Were you able to get a resolution?  It has been close to a year since you posed the question.  Thank you.


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Hi Brian


I have the same problem with Account Types. I got it working except for that so it is of no use to me.


Hi Kim, I am not sure if you were able to tweak the app or not...I wasn't and had to uninstall it.


But on the other hand I have found a nicer app that does the same thing ( Finds Nearby Accounts) except is using your customized account types and and it is also looking at accounts within 5-70 miles.


One thing I would like to see changed in this app is the fact that it is mapping to the billing address instead of the shipping. But my understanding is that this will change in the following version of the app.


I personally tried tweakign the codes, but was not able to. If you are please share that "secret"with me.






Thanks so much! I will definately take a look at that.


thanks blanka, 


Find Nearby Accounts v2.7 looks great.  Is there a way to make it work with Professional Edition?  The error message that we get is related to "missing apex classes"



brian macdonald


Hi there,


I changed Billing to Shipping in these two files VisualForce MapLoc and in the Apex MapLocCon. Then its shows the shipping address. Only tested in the Sandbox..because i couldn't installed in on the main package..too many query row: 511 error