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Abstract classes in AppExchange apps


On p. 71 of the Apex Developer's Guide, it says that "abstract and virtual [class modifiers] are not enabled for all organizations.  If you need them for your application, contact your salesforce.com rep."  I'm making an AppExchange app that will be using an abstract class, but now I'm worried that my app won't work "out of the box" for other organizations because they'll need to turn this feature on first.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  Is this a big problem?  It seems sort of silly to not have the ability to use abstract class modifiers on by default as it only encourages bad OO design and I can't fathom why disabling these modifiers would be of any advantage to Salesforce.
It's possible that it's just a pilot feature until they work out all the kinks, and then it'll be available for all.
I'm hoping so. :-)  Presumably it's a performance issue if they turn it on by default for everyone.  I've created an IdeaExchange entry to this effect so please vote for it if you'd like the same (link in signature.)  Thanks!
This functionality is not currently generally available, however you can add it to the ideaExchange and vote for it...
Already done!  Please click the link in my signature and vote for it if you like the idea. :-)