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AppExchange problem - cannot install a 'released' managed package that I uploaded yesterday

Yesterday I uploaded a managed package in "release" mode.  I have uploaded earlier versions of this package in "beta" mode many times before, and they have always installed correctly.

However, my "release" mode package cannot be installed.  Both yesterday and today, when I try to install it, I get this error:

Salesforce, any thoughts on why this is?  In my dev org, the package shows as having uploaded OK and I got the "Your package upload has completed" email.
In case this is affecting anyone else - I've been notified that Salesforce is working on the problem and currently plans to have a fix out on Friday.
Similar thing happening here - I upload a private package.  Get the successful upload email.  But the package link in the email is dead and my publisher account does not show the package.  I thought maybe there was a queue that was slowly being processed and that my package would show up in my publisher account after some time.  But it sounds like the issue is more significant...
This has been fixed, although now my package *uploads* are taking a very, very long time

I am having this problem similarly.  I create and upload the package, and after clicking on the link in the email, I get a logon screen.  When attempting to logon to install the app, I get a username or password incorrect message. And I can't get to the install app screen.  Yes I am using the correct URL for production vs. Sandbox.  It looks like this was a problem a few months back, could it be happening again?


Have you registered the app after uploading it?  Depending on where you are trying to install it, you may need to register it first.
No it is for Private distribution.  I thought it can be done privately, and not through the APPEXchange
Registering and publishing are two different things.  I'm not clear on the exact details, but in my experience you need to "register" the app on the AppExchange before you can install it in anything other than dev orgs.  I imagine the AppExchange / packaging docs have the exact specifics.

The App is still private once registered - only you will know the URL, and it won't be findable via the AppExchange.

I don't really understand why the 2nd step is necessary (uploading should be enough, right?) but in our experience Registering is necessary for private distribution to non-dev orgs.
The app is not showing up under My Apps.  It has been uploaded and confirmed.  I even uploaded it again as a differnt version and clicked on the register link.  Its not showing up.  When I log in using a test logon ID, it lets me enter the app password, but i can't install it because it already exists in the sandbox, thats where I created it.

Heres the error message i get when i get past the password, and continue screen.

Any help?  All I want to do is move it into prod.  i followed the instructions to make sure it was going to the prod URL.

This is frustrating

Custom Object already exists

Same Package Name in organization