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Unable to upload package wich contains VisualForce tabs

I'm unable to upload package wich contains application with  VisualForce tabs.
I'm getting the following error : "Your upload failed. You will receive an e-mail containing additional information".

I asked this question couple of days ago. But this post has more precise definition.

Thank you in advance.

Visualforce pages are not packageable in the Summer '08 release, so tabs that reference visualforce pages should not show up in the list when adding custom tabs to a package. How did you get your VF page into the package?
Does anyone know when Salesforce plans to implement packaging of Visualforce pages and components?
Packaging is the #1 priority for the Visualforce team in the next release. While we can't make commitments at this time we are confident.  Timing of the next release has not been announced but if you follow our recent pattern of releases you might expect that to occur sometime in the 4th quarter.
Carl HCarl H
Any workaround to package visualforce page?
Carl H
Well, you can always have the subscriber directly install your Visualforce pages but that would make them un-upgradeable and you would have to make your controller classes in apex global which you probably don't want to do in all cases.  You also need to be mindful of namespacing since your pages would not be in the same package and thus namespace as the rest of your metadata (objects, classes, etc.).