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Error upgrading managed package

Our customer gets the following error message when he tries to upgrade our managed package:
>>Your requested install failed. Please try this again.
None of the data or setup information in your Salesforce organization should have been affected by this error.
If this error persists, contact Support through your normal channels and reference number: 1908364176-1193 (-1966015486)<<
Does this number mean something to anyone ?

Please log a support case here: www.appexchange.com/support



There's a bug here, and it really should be showing the error a useful error message rather than that system error you're seeing.

Here's what I'm able to see on the internal diagnostics for that error:

You have reached the maximum number of 5 object references on Participant
You must remove at least 1 relationship(s) in order to save this formula
Related objects referenced in this formula: ClassLast__r

Hopefully that's helpful.

-- Rob


that is really helpful and I hope such errors will be displayed to users in the future or at least send the error message to the 'Apex Exception Notification Receipient' of the package.