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Need help with Replace Package option on AppExchange publishing page

1) We have a live app on AppExchange.
2) We fixed a minor issue and need to replace the package with the new version.
3) I clicked on "Replace Package" which is an option on any Live listing, assuming this is the best way to avoid rewriting the publishing material.
4) By doing so the AppExchange Support Request page is displayed with the following default values:
Request Type = Publishing
Sub Type = Update package
Replacement Package = None [there is no other option available for this dropdown, although I have even registered our new package to see if the value is added to the dropdown, but no change.]
Comments = I included the links to the new and old packages as requested.

By clicking on SUBMIT button the error message shows up as "Please make the following change before continuing: Replacement Package". This is the end, there is no other way to get the request send to the AppExchange team.

Any suggestion on what is "Replace Package" for, and how to correctly submit a request?


Message Edited by Ida Apps on 12-15-2008 06:57 PM
Hi Mina,
To replace or update your package on your AppExchange listing, please do the following:
- Select Publishing as the Request Type
- Select Update Package as the Sub Type
- Answer the questions in the Comments section
The AppExchange team should get back to you shortly.