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Multiple AppExchanges and Lead Auto-Response Rules

a) We currently use 'Lead Source' values as the criteria to send appropriate Emails to people who either Test Drive or Install our app from AppExchange. As you all know this setup is easily done using Lead Auto-Response Rules. Let call this email EmailAAA.

b) The LMA defaults the 'Lead Source' to the following
Test Drive to 'SFDC-dup-TD|YourAppName'
Get It Now to 'Package Installation'

c) We are about to release our second AppExchange, which requires a different Email for Test Drive or Install. Let's call this new email EmailBBB.

What other criteria can be used in Lead Auto-Response Rules to send EmailAAA for the first app and EmailBBB for the second app?

I appreciate your help!


Why not add a rule that filters on the App Name in the Lead Source field?

Lead:Lead Source contains 'App A' send EmailAAA

Lead:Lead Source contains 'App B' send EmailBBB