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How to make application read only


I want to prepare Test Drive for deploying application on AppExchange.
Test Drive should be read-only version of the application.
So what all the settings are required for making application read-only?


When you create your Test Drive, a new org is automatically provisioned for you with your app pre-installed (Note - you will still need to make any post-installation changes in this new Test Drive org).
The Test Drive org is a DE org with 2 users. 1 user is a Sys Admin, so you can login and make the necessary changes to prepare your Test Drive. The second user is a Read-Only Evaluation user. When a users clicks on your Test Drive button on your AppExchange Listing, you will want them to login as the Read-Only Evaluation user. This will ensure the user has Read-Only access and they cannot create new data. Be sure to make your app the default app for the Read-Only profile.
I recommend reviewing this guide for assistance with building your Test Drive.
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