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Coming in Spring '09 - New Opportunity Save Behavior

Spring '09 will bring a plethora of new features! One important feature that was discussed last week is the New Opportunity Save Behavior. With New Opportunity Save Behavior, Workflow rules, Validation rules and Apex triggers on Opportunities and Opportunity Products (parent) will fire when an update to an Opportunity Product or Schedule (child) causes an update to the parent record.

On Thursday - January 8th, we presented a webinar on this upcoming change and the important steps to prepare if your Force.com app is impacted. You can watch the recording here.

New Opportunity Save Behavior will be rolled out in various stages. As a result, it's important to note if your Force.com app is affected, there may be a chance that your package is blocked from install with new Spring '09 orgs. The way you can prepare is to build a new package that will work in both new and old opportunity save behavior. Visit the New Opportunity Save Behavior page for more details.